We can visualize and fulfill your dreams in the smallest detail!

Our professional designers in showrooms HIT DESIGN create new, functional and wide variety of solutions for any space and for any client. Our team will offer you exquisite, beautiful, unique, stylish, modern and/or practical interior solutions for your apartment, house, restaurant, hotel, office, shop or garden…

Drafting a project is completely free of charge!

We invite you to visit our showrooms at №45 “Alexander Dyakovich” street. View map

Our designers will welcome you with a smile and will give you a professional advice about the materials, appliances, mechanisms, etc.

Before your visit you can consider the following:

1. Browse the pictures of furniture from our website or from the Internet. Pick anything you like or find interesting. The goal here is to gather and combine everything you like and to try to orientate us in your desired style of furnishing.
2. You can measure the space where the furniture will be located and add all of the electrical and plumbing points. It is not necessary that the dimensions are absolutely accurate because those will only serve to prepare a 3D project. After concluding the contract of order we will send an associate that will professionally measure everything on the spot.

Within 2-3 working days you will be presented with a free drafting of the project that you will further discuss with your designer in our showroom. After your final approval you will receive a detailed offer within few working days by e-mail.

The design and the calculation of individual custom furniture is a process that requires creative design time and the time to calculate all the materials that the build will need.


The sample draft project can only be viewed in our showrooms. In case you want to make an inquiry to other manufacturers about the same project you can buy the draft from us. In the event that you order with HIT DESIGN the project draft amount will be deducted from the price of the furniture.

It’s a common practice that our clients come to us with a rough drawing or a quick sketch, with a photo from the Internet or with a magazine in hand and often without any solid idea. How do we start a project – for us it doesn’t matter!

Crafting furniture is a routine and day-to-day practice for us but for our customers it’s an event. Thanks to this fact we treat everyone of you with respect and understanding and therefore we welcome you with a smile and “Let’s get the job done!” attitude. We are always trying to make this part of your life become a beautiful and fun memory.